He is my Sun & I am his Moon.
"Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence." 
- Osho

I am art. I love art. Art fulfills my soul.

Portrait art is a blessing I have come to learn over the years. 

I am my most creative self when allowed to bring to life my imagination. Capturing it with photography and displaying it on my wall helps it to last forever instead of just an idea.

I'm a self taught photographer since 2013, and I learned Photoshop while studying Computer Aided Design in 2006.
To this day, I continue to learn how to make magic with PS. 

A few things I love:
Jim Henson & all his movies.
Earthing & dancing like a goofball around my 4 children. 
(My 2 teens get embarrassed, but I don't care!)
Banging my drum while my husband plays the didgeridoo & watching my 2 youngest dance to the beat.
(Not my teens, remember.....they get embarrassed!)
History & giving you info about some of the locations I photograph at locally if we are there.
Collecting antiques & using them as props in my sessions. 

Often times, I find myself in antique stores going through the bins of unwanted photos and wonder.....How can someone let these go? Why are these not displayed on someone's walls?
I give gratitude to my ancestors. If it were not for them, I wouldn't be here. 

My goal is to help show your family who you are today, for many generations after our lifetime.

Love & Light,