A Photographers Vision

An artistic eye can make something out of nothing. Here's an example of what I mean. 
Living in Tomball, I've grown to love the town because of all the different things to do and places to see. Still, I always look for new places to use for photography. This location is right off of 249 Business. When hiring me, you're not just hiring someone to snap your photos. You're hiring an artist to help bring out a creative side to you or your child. My goal is to give you an end result that will be cherished as an art piece for years to come. 

New Packaging

I'm so excited to show my new packaging for clients that purchase professional prints through me. 

There was a few things I had to keep in mind while brainstorming colors and what all to include. 
First thing, what is something that represents my business.....Moons of course! Which is part of our wonderful galaxy. What better theme than a galaxy theme! Matches my website as well.
Second, I'm a simple person, too much in a package can be overwhelming. Least is best. Well, to me it is. I want you to enjoy your package and prints right away. 

I LOVE colors! I really feel these colors go so well with each other. They make me happy.
I also love natural smells. So I've included a little pouch of lavender. Which can be used in your pillow case to help with sleep.
What's in the Recycled brown case? DVD of all images and a Thank You card.
What's in the blue envelope? Care & Referral Instructions.
What's in the Galaxy envelope? Prints. I took custom, thick wrapping paper of the galaxy and made my own envelope to fit the size of prints that were ordered. 

Thanks for looking. 
(Camera not included in packages.)