Studio Space

A small glimpse into my studio space. I've turned my dining room area to hold my indoor sessions for newborns & children only.

Before, I was traveling with most of these props (Not the large furniture). Although, I appreciate everyone that allowed me into their homes in the past with all of my equipment, I've decided not to travel for these types of sessions with props anymore. I will, however, travel to your home for a Lifestyle Session for those the prefer not to travel to my home for a studio session (No props, all natural poses within your own home).

I'm still working on the space to make it better organized & adding more of my work on the walls.
This space only holds half of my prop collection. My larger props are taking up garage space. My poor husband had to give up half of his work station to allow my props a place to live. I can't help it! I'm a prop junkie!!

To view my growing prop collection, check out my Pinterest Boards that will show most of my collection. I'm still adding photos to the boards. Pinterest Link