The 1st Blog

So I'm constantly researching on how to be a better Photographer & I'm always coming across articles that say I NEED to Blog.
It's hard for me to write about myself, now I need to blog about everything I do as a photographer?
I thought that's what people use Facebook for.
Short sentences & personal photos = Blog of my life.
"I love Feta." - 8 Likes 0 Comments
"Astros Game" (Photo of Family) - 33 Likes 3 Comments
(Yes, these are my actual Facebook Status'.)

I figured I'll give this Blog stuff a try. Bare with me. I'm not perfect with writing. I over analyze what I write and I'll probably come back and change it a few times. Then end up deleting because I don't think it's good enough. Ha!

I'll talk a little about my photography experience since starting in 2013 in Tomball.

Photography is just 1 way of expressing my art. I love everything to do with Art. I wear art. My full-time job is a form of art (Piping Designer). Art is everywhere around me at all times.

I sometimes feel a bit out of place in Tomball. You see all of the clean cut Moms & Dads, then you see me in the Organic section of Kroger with my long haired husband.  (Say Hi! I won't bite! I'll just be a little shy.) I quickly snap out of it and remind myself I'm a unique rebel. Feel the power of my Awesomeness!!! ;)

I think Tomball is the perfect place to be as a photographer. I fell in love with the town 5 years ago when I moved from Pearland. There are SO many photo ops in this town! It surprises everyone when I show them what Tomball has to offer. 'That's in Tomball?'
But.......I notice that it's becoming more and more like Pearland though. More trees are getting knocked down and more people are moving in.
I know it will be consumed with more city than country eventually... I'll just enjoy the town as it is for now.

So, do I sign out on these things?

Peace & Love,