She's not a Princess anymore...

G- Mom, do you tell other people what to do like you do to me?
Me- Yes, but I'm a little bit more bossy with you.
G- Do I have to wear this crown? I'm not a princess anymore. I'm not a girlie girl. 
Me- You'll always be my princess, and you like dresses, right?
G- Well, I don't like pink.
Me- That's okay.

Since starting my photography journey, I've made it a habit to take portraits of my children. To the point that I annoy them. lol
But with kids, bribery always works in my favor. Here, at the Magical Winter Lights, there's magical lights and a carnival. A wrist band to ride all the rides as many times as she wants helped me with her Birthday portrait session.
These are just a few.
I recommend taking the kiddos to see all the pretty lantern lights! After all, it's the largest in the country!